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Welcome to RA Electricals’ Web Page

We are the most professional leading Electrical Company who complete all our clients' projects on time every time. We provide excellent service rendering and professionalism we aim to achieve maximum standards to our client's advantage.


The company was started in 2008 by Andrikos Alexandrou, a registered Master Installation Electrician. During the years, RA Electrical gained focus and expanse.
We are currently at the beginning of its 14th year of business and continuously developed its know-how human resources and capacity. Today, leveraging its values & capacities, RA Electrical has evolved into a leading contractor recognized for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution.
The company is currently offering services in the Electrical and Solar field which includes Construction, Maintenance, Fault Finding, Installation, etc.
As a responsible corporate business, RA Electrical is committed to play a positive role in the broader community, to promote human values and social integration, as well as to follow environmentally responsible practices in all of its business operations.

RA Electrical guarantee all our work for One Calender Year.

Our Products & Services


Specialising in the following solar works

• Complete solar kits 
• Inverters
• Charge Controllers 
• Batteries 
• Change Over Switches
• Generators


Specialising in the following electrical works

• Cable jointing up to 33 Kilo Volts
• Earthing of structures and plant's
• Installing electrical cables
• Distribution Boards in hazardous areas
• Lighting for all applications, plants, area's, buildings and high Mast's
• Transformer and mini Sub Station installations
• Testing and Certification of all types of installations including hazardous area's (CoC)
• Heat Tracing Installations
• Core drilling up to 400mm
• Building and Plant Maintenance for all electrical equipment


Supplying the following services and products

• Glanding and terminating of electric motors in process plants
• Repairs to all types of equipment in Hazardous areas (Ex)
• Inspections and Testing of earthing systems
• Lightning protection installations and maintenance thereof
• Installations and testing of all electrical installations up to and including 1000 Volts
• Installation of all electrical equipment and pumps for Pump Stations


To delivery a high quality service through continuous engineering support to the industrial sector and to become a well-known service provider in the field of Electrical Engineering.

To be a leading professional Electrical Engineering and Solar company and to fulfil all our clients’ needs.

We maintain the highest level of ethics, fairness and transparency in our interaction with each other, our clients and all other stakeholders.

We supply a service to clients by using OSHA 83 of 1993 Regulations and Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) regulations and standards. This ensures a safe and healthy environment for all.
With the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers. Our facility are 100 percent operational and we have long prepared for the possibility of a pandemic within our overall business continuity plan to ensure we can maintain this service level, while ensuring the health and safety of all that interact with our facilities.

We are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and are following the recommendations of global and local public health authorities in all regions in which we operate.

With excellent service and our professional attitude, our clients can only benefit from a long term relationship. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in the electrical industrial market. We are in business for the foreseeable future with long term.

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PO Box 10595
10 Sondagsrivier Street 
Secunda, 2302
South Africa  


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Phone/WhatsApp: 082 412 5126


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